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OK, here is the finished article.

Total spend - 4.25Euros. LoL. I had some blue spray lying around so used that for the main colour. I used some white hammerite I had for the white but it didnīt look very good so I did buy a tin of white spray which was 4.25Euros. The Grey parts are a hammerite I had and I used these where the wheels fix, for the brake calipers etc, nice and tough. I was going to buy a new chain but decided against it after getting it to loosen up.

At the end of the day my wife is going to use it for pottering at the bottom of the street with the kids, they have just learned to ride so its exciting when we can be with them on bikes too. The "renovation" simply makes it ride-able for her and cost me nothing, pretty happy with the finish.

I will say that if she was going to anymore than pottering at the bottom of the street, I would have put new tyres on, may still do so.

What I did.

Totally stripped it down to the frame alone. Sanded down frame completely after removing stickers - Had a nightmare taking the stickers off, used a rotary wirebrush in a drill in the end, they just wouldnīt move, almost decided to leave them on then eventually got the hardcore wire brush out LOL - Took some sanding down after the brush, but result is better IMO.

Sprayed frame in a light blue. Sprayed forks and rear arms in a white, using a mist fade into the blue.

Painted all brake calipers in Hammerite Glossy Grey.

Fixed front puncture.

Re-greased all components.

Buffed some parts using Dremel Tool.

Replaced some bolts from large selection of stock nuts and bolts.

Removed and discarded the bar ends. Put some new grips on which were bought for some reason or other ages ago (only a couple of Euros).

Re-installed all parts and re-set gears, brakes etc.

One problem - The brakes are very loud, both are the same, when pulling them on they do like a LOUD low pitched squeal - Maybe new shoes are required ? I do have some spare ones so no problem to change them over.

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