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Hiya, Jason here.

I'm just getting started on road bicycles (previously a BMX/motorbike lover). My father bought this Centurion Team Pursuit around the time I was born (1990, and I remember him having the bike in 94-95, and telling me it cost a pretty penny; in those days).

It's sat in the shed hanging up for the last 15 years (I just turned 21) and I wish to restore/trick out this bike with the help of my brother, who is very into his cycling). I've attached a photo as I want to gather some information on this model, as I cannot find any. The colouring is much the same as the 'Dave Scott/Ironman' models I have seen (red/white theme). I have not even dusted the bike off, so this is after sitting for 15 years. I can't wait to ride it, will be doing a grease/service and new tubes/tires/rimtape/chain this weekend and taking it for it's first ride.

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated thanks. [ Oh ps, bike was purchased and owned in Western Australia ]
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