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I've sent you a PM, though you can't respond until you hit 50 posts....but you'll get the info.

600 crankset tends to support the bike being similar to either the Elite RS or Ironman.

No eyelets, so it's not based on the Lemans RS, which is eyeletted. Tange 2 frame, and clearance for fenders.

Could be based on the Elite RS, which come sometimes with/sometimes without eyelets, but tighter clearances, Tange 2 frame.

Could be based on the Ironman, with no eyelets, Tange 1 frame, should have tight clearance, ruling out anything bigger than 700x28 tires, if those.

There was an Australian member who posted an all-red model called the Triathlon, but it was faded to pink or was more pink than red, and from what I remember, there was a European connection to Denmark, Norway, or Holland, something like that.

The components will be the key to what model is relates most closely with in the US.
Tange 2: could be a Lemans RS or an Elite RS
+600 components, Elite RS
+Light Action components, a Lemans RS

Eyelets and clearance for fenders: a Lemans RS

Tight all around, no eyelets, tight clearance, probably based on the Ironman, but headset is different.

Interesting bike.
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