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Originally Posted by lazerzxr View Post
I think the time to get a power tap may have finally arrived. I'm an engineer and see lots of problems with pedal based systems, I for one will not be an early adopter therefore I see a power tap as the best way to go for me.

Im currently on fulcrum zeros with 21 spokes at the back - no problems
Previously I have had 24 and 28 spoke rear wheels and have not had any problem with either really except the 28 spoke on cracked the rim near some of the eyelets, probably due to being over tensioned when new.

I'm 6"3 and weigh 75 kg, no matter how much I eat or train I am always 75kg so no need to allow for more weight in the wheel build

Im thinking maybe a 28 / 24 set up on open pros with a dura ace front hub. Not decided yet whether to go G3 or the new 2012 pro.
Neuvation will sell you a 2011 SL+ (which weighs 30 grams less than the 2012 pro) built into a Kinlin rim for $695. Pick 24/28/32 spokes, pay a bit more for upgrades like bladed spokes.
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