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rain pants fitting over the top of rain booties such as my MEC ones generally do the trick for me. Im due for new rain pants as mine arent so good anymore.

I dont see the issue with the bottoms of the booties letting in rain, mine fit over my shoes reasonably tight and rain doesnt get it from below, I mean, the bottom of my shoes are plastic and the booties go over the edges anyway, and the rain doesnt fly up , so its never an issue.

*As for drying out soaked shoes, last summer I tried for the first time the trick of stuffing rolled up newspaper into my soaked shoes and it REALLY is effective for sucking moisture out of the shoe material. So much I had to change out the newspaper after a few hours, it really really works and is much much more effective than just having shoes in front of a fan (although both is great)

on this note, rain booties and pants will over a long ride (and temperature dependant) mean damp on the inside BUT I'll take this over completely soaked shoes, especially if one has to ride the next day.

Good rain booties and reasonable rain pants work pretty well for hour long rides. I still hate riding in the rain, cant imagine living in Seattle, Vancouver, or the British Isles....
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