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1) Get a job - You can stock shelves in a grocery store for minimum wage ($7 or so), do 3 5-hour shifts and have money left over. A BETTER idea would be to get a job bussing tables in a busy restaurant and make double that. You're only 16, so now is a GREAT time to learn that if you WORK to get what you want, you get what you WANT.

2) Wait for the deals - Winter is coming and from what I remember everywhere starts to clear out inventory. Signup for email newsletters of all the main internet sites for sales. Set up an alert on Bonktown (product sometimes isn't worth it though). I always look for deals, but I've realized that if I add up the hours spent on the internet searching and searching for the RIGHT product, I could have used that time doing work, riding, or otherwise being more productive.

3) Get an early Xmas present

4) Ask parents to offset cost- If you are able to spend $40, maybe your parents can chip in $30. I can't imagine my kid saying to me that they need clothes to keep in shape and me saying "no". Its not like you;re asking for a $4000 carbon bike.

5) Stress the importance of bibs- If you were playing baseball, your father would spend money on a cup without question. If you were playing football, your mom would buy you a good helmet. Most parents (and many cyclists honestly) don't understand the importance of a good pair of bibs. A helmet, of course. Bibs, not so much. For a growing 16 year old, I think it is essential that you have the right equipment for your ehem, equipment.
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