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1) You must have different jeans than I do, because I've never found a pair more comfortable than tights.
2) I wasn't aware the modern marketing machine of clothing made skinny/stretchy jeans for guys.
3) With (2) comes a low waist, and more importantly an utter lack of pockets.
4) You might try another brand of tights. I've had good with everything from Nashbar/PB to Road Runner Sports.
5) I find that a velcro strap around my lower pants leg works pretty well.
6) If you get any frays around the cuff of the skinny jeans, they too will get sucked into a chainring. My now fiancee managed to do that to both sides of a pair of not all that worn stretchy jeans on one ride on our tandem once.
7) I've heard (though not experienced) that most places selling cowboy boots and horse-riding related stuff tend to sell longer slimmer jeans, although those would likely be a real jeans (denim) opposed to whatever odd blue stretchy stuff skinny jeans are made from.
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