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Originally Posted by RobbieTunes View Post

I believe the test ride was successful.
Robbie the smiles tells it all!!

When I got home, I put in a longer test ride. The bike is smooth, super smooth. Quiet, don't hear nothing as I am streaking along!!

I oiled the chain, lowered the stem at tad, up the seat a tad, put air in the tire.. The wife did a clean job on the bar tape!!

Ran into tiny problem with air in the rear..I thought I would have to change tubes, but it worked out. When taking the adapter off the rear wheel, the stem plunger came out with it. I pryed it out of the adapter, and put it back in the tube. This morning, I saw where the rear went flat. It was the plunger. I went and got another tube, and was getting ready to change the tube, when I tried put the plunger back in the tube, and this time, tighten it with a pair of plyers.. It seemed to work. No matter, when I get back home today, if it losing air, I will just swap out the tube.

It was raining this morning. Didn't take the Master for the commute. Instead, I grabbed the Prelude.. Oh boy, all my bikes ride good!!

First dry day, the Master is coming with me. From what I see, it is pass winner status, it is at "amazing" status and climbing..

Dam, I swear I am getting new wrinkles everyday!!
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