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Originally Posted by sknhgy View Post
I'm impressed. From time-to-time I've wished I could sew. My wife won't let me use her machine. Well, she would, but everytime I ask her to show me how she drags her feet until I lose interest and quit asking.
Just do it. I was apprehensive about sewing and wanted someone to teach me, but finally I gave up on that idea and just started doing it. Making gear is actually easy. If you have a WalMart near you that sells fabric, buy some of their ripstop nylon. It's very cheap, like 1.50 a yard. This is great practice material. I always use this stuff when I make a new design. It's also not bad stuff, I still use some of the things I have made with this material.

The only problem with it is that it is hit or miss of what is in stock. They might have the 1.9 or the 1.1 or both or neither.

To start, you could try simple things like stuff sacks.
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