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Sometimes the look is secondary to function......
For many, many years I wore padded (shammy) bike shorts. Always had to tug at them because they tended to slide down at the waist ( I have no belly but they still slipped and rolled). So finally a few years ago in frustration I tried bibs !!!! I have worn nothing but those since! On DF or recumbent they are super comfortable. I even wear them when the bike is on the trainer in my living room! If the look is a problem to you for some reason, wear something over them but do yourself a favor and at least try them. Also Aerotech and others sell leggings (both lined and not) which work great in cold weather and give you the flexibility to easily pull off when you have warmed up beyond comfort. The combination works particularly well on recumbent where your feet are elevated.
Of course if you have a need, or hang up, for riding in those parachute shorts with your jock-strap in the breeze and the boys exposed to all on-comers......What can I say....
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