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Usable Watts

(I was advised to move this to a different forum than the Advocacy one. Here it is)

Anybody know where we can get a bank of turbo driven generators, to go down to Zuccotti Park and provide some power? Then we'll need to recruit a cadre of serious cyclists to power the generators. Should be a win-win for the Occupy movement who are going to need power through the Winter, and all the local clubs, who need to put in the hours and generate the watts anyway. Recruit some of the permanent Occupiers, too and keep them fit and warm.

It is 99% certain that cyclists are of the 99%, in view of the gasoline-centric nature of rich-man-culture, and the current Republican push in the Senate to squeeze Open Streets funding out of the Transportation bill.

Even better if we can persuade Rollapaluza (@Rollapaluza) to set up a gig there.
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