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@ doohickie - Which variety? Post, General mills... there are lots of flavors and varieties. Perhaps a nice granola with warm milk? I am partial to Cheerios and Trader Joe's Frosted mini wheats.

Halloween is not too bad. I think our neighbors to south have a better handle on the whole Halloween thing. Celebrate the life and passing of your family and friends. The Druids believed that on Samhain (SOW hen) the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest and people could cross between realms allowing relatives to visit each other.

As for George Carlin. I remember his HBO special about his Christmas card. He took a picture of his dog humping his cat and put the word Peace on it. Not Piece, no sir, no cheap jokes on our Christmas. It sounds better if you hear it from him, but a quick youtube did not reveal anything.
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