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Originally Posted by thcri View Post
I am looking for a good winter bike for in Minnesota. I don't really plan on riding in the snow but am sure I will get caught out in snow flurries or storms even. I am planning on putting studs on the tires. I plan on commuting and riding 20 to 30 mile stints with it. I am sure I will find some black ice at times also.

I have a couple of bikes available to me at no cost but not sure they are good for winter. One is a Trek 4300 and also a 4500. I can also get a Specialized Camber Comp which seems a little bit over kill. If the above bikes are not good ones I sure would take some recommendations and don't want to spend over $700.00
I have ridden a Trek 4300 through 8 winters. It's a perfect bike for winter riding as is just about any mountain bike that fits and is in good working order.
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