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any pics ?
if you used WD40 its pretty alright to clean things up and get water out. but its NOT a lubricant ..get some real penetration teflon whatever lube and bath the hinge for a couple days

other than that we need to know where the bike was stored, how lold, and everything else you can imagine , to help out in a better fashion.


just an example... I got an email similar to yours. comes to find out that the bike in question was hanging on the back of a motorhome for the last 3 years ... the roadgrime was covering a solid layer of salt and crap ...
it got powerwashed once a year with a professional powerwasher with especially taking care of any "moving" parts.... the owner never took the bike off the rear carrier while spraying the last amount of grease right out of the bearings ....
that bike was indeed dead ...
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