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Depending on the year and place of manufacture (Italy / Japan) on most frames say pre '90 you should see such markings as a simple B on the top of the head/down tube lug. older bikes from '87ish back have various styles of embelishments on the seat stay caps ranging from Bianchi, to a B in a circle on the stays (some flattened and chromed on upperend models) and anything from a B to Bianchi with a few raised lines or bars to the Bianchi Eagle on the forkcrown. Some bikes but not all (and I think these may be more the Jadpanese/oriental made ones) have Bianchi stamped on the dropouts.

try and take some good pics. I promise I won't swoop in on your deal can you post or email me a link to a listing for it?

Watch the Components closely. lots of Bianchis (and I am certain other bike makers did the same) used mixed component groups for pricing. look close att he hubs and cranks and make sure they are Campi and not Ofmega, Miche, or Gipiemme. there is nothing wrong with companies just that at times people look at a bike and see Campi derailleurs and shifters and list it as ALL or FULL Campi when it just looks like Campi.

Hope this helps.
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