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Off Topic But.......I GOT A JOB!

A little frustrated lately, been applying like crazy with little results. Quality inspector the last 11 years but there is not much around in that field lately. So having a few years on forklift, cranes, I've applied for everything related.

Been on maybe 5 or 6 interviews with no results. I even applied for one company that paid very little and didn't get hired there ha ha! Well it's funny now but frustrating then.

So I see an ad online for an inspector with a nice looking web site and a nice set up. Looks so nice that I have doubts about applying, especially after reading the job description. Pretty much everything I do but I'm figuring they are going to be real picky and what are my chances in this day and age? But I email my resume anyway with a slight hope.

2 weeks go by and nothing. But one morning I wake up go online looking at job postings, nothing good. Then the phone rings and I don't recognize the non caller ID number. Hm, probably one of my stupid cousins. I pick it up only to hear a nice pleasant voice, "Hello, my name is (FITB) and I am calling for Frederick". Oh, that would be me!

Interested in an interview. So I go in for the interview then they inform me that the process will take 3 weeks of interviews etc. That's a long time but I ain't going anywhere ha ha! The QC manager and HR manager double team me in the interview taking notes as candidate reminders. Believe me, I had these people writing a book. Years of manufacturing inspection, machine shop inspection, soldering , grinding, weld destruct, paint, final, in process, FAA documents, customer requirements and down the line.

Interview goes very well then they say , you might hear from us in a week or so for the second interview. OK, see ya! I tell Gina the interview goes well and she says, " I bet they call you tomorrow". I don't think so, they said a week. I left the office at 5 pm but guess what! They called me back at 9:30 the next morning. Set me up for the second interview to meet the vice president. Cool, first interview dress slacks and a shirt. This interview, Gina suggests a tie. This all goes well too! Again, you might hear from us in a week or so. But again, they call the next morning for a third interview.

So I go in at 5 pm for the third interview. Just me and the HR lady. She asks me one question about relating my knowledge to the position. She say good then gives me a form and directions to a clinic for a drug test. At 5 pm? I have 24 hours but heck, I'm there in 10 minutes and it's done!

Results take 2 or 3 days but I have nothing to worry about, no blood doping or EPO here ha ha! Half a margarita every 2 years, no way I will fail unless they mix up my results with Charlie Sheen ha ha!

So now it's the waiting game. I'm nervous over the weekend because they don't actually say it depends on the results so I am worried about the competition. Gina says they are pushing you through quickly so I don't think you have any competition. I hope not, makes sense but still I worry. Monday comes and nothing but it's only been 2 working day so maybe the drug results are not yet available. Friends say maybe they are working on a job offer and getting approvals. I hope so!

I asked about pay rate and they gave me a pretty good spread. But the lowest number mentioned was still better than what the others were offering so the even the bottom will be good, the top of the scale excellent. So Tuesday comes, phone rings and I hold my breath. "Hi, I'm (FITB) again, with a job offer", she says. Oh thank God! We chat for a second then she says my rate is at the top of the scale she mentioned. Holy smokes, more than I was expecting and darn good! What a relief, now the fun begins!

So tomorrow (Wed) is my first day. For a while , no midweek rides till I settle in and no thanks to the time change. But Mo' money means Mo' bike stuff too ha ha! Better Thanksgiving, Christmas, better New Year, and hopefully a new car for Gina sometime soon.

The cool part is that they said it was a 3 week process selecting from the candidates. I was pushed through in just a little over a week. Somebody upstairs is watching me! ;-)

The new hire with my book of what I've done stuff. They must have liked the contents of my little book!

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