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Originally Posted by CliftonGK1 View Post

Hey, a quick note about the whiz-quiz, since you mentioned that the results availability might be holding things up: Unless it's availability to the employer from the screening site, those results are immediate. It's done there in the office with a single aliquot colour change assay. No change == no dope.
Ya know, last time I took a drug test for employment, it was little machine. Pass or fail on the spot. This time I asked about it (different clinic). They said they do it there too but the employer ordered this method. I don't know if it's a more detailed analysis or what? Doesn't seem like it would be cheaper sending it out to a test lab so that is all I can figure.

Either way, I drink half a margarita every two years or so, so I don't sweat any tainted meat stories.

Gina's employer does random on the spot in house drug testing. At any time, they can call in an employee, swab the inside of the cheek then do an instant test. Heck, if they didn't Gina would be a much faster rider.
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