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Originally Posted by mikeybikes View Post
Sewer leads to alley and no clean outs in the main sewer line. They were going to pull the toilet and go that way, but they were worried about breaking the lead piping that the toilet drains into. So their option was to go through the roof.

Now the issue is they got stuck. Looks like the clay pipe in the back yard collapsed, and you can see where the concrete heaved and settled. I think they're about to start an excavation project.

I'm glad I don't own this place.
Our house was built with the same crappy design, no cleanout going to the street. One of the best things I did was have one put in. It has paid for itself many times over. Turns out there is also a bot of a lip or somethgin where the pipes meet only 10-15 feet downstream from the cleanout. Things can be kicked out with a garden hose, instead of a hundred dollar plus call for a plumber to go in through the roof vent. House also had everythign (except perhaps one hose bib) after the same valve. So any outside break meant having to shut off water to the house too. Also got that changed. Seperate shutoff valves for inside and outside.
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