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Originally Posted by wfin2004 View Post
Before you poke fun at a couple of dumbazz plumbers on your roof, chances are they know tons more than you ever will about this. Lugging all that equipment up to a roof from an extension ladder is not easy. Do you think they would WANT to go through all that crap when an easier solution can be made?

And something else. Plumbers are the second highest paid tradesmen around. Chances are they make more than you.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not poking fun at them. They were a couple of professionals who knew what they were doing. I'm glad it is them and not me.

I'm annoyed at the situation and glad it isn't my house.

My mom had to recently have the main line replaced in her house. Cost a pretty penny. Was the same as this one. An old ceramic line that had collapsed.
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