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Tergal, basically think long and hard about what sort of riding you want to do. I'm 6'5" and when I was 140kg I kicked off on a Giant Sedona which kind of compares to the Trail Glide. Back then, they came in a 23" frame. It's really tall, but not very stretched out. After a while on that bike, as I got fitter, I really wished I had laid my money down on something better built for offroad riding. I now ride road and track and I still have the Sedona, but pretty much exclusively use it to ferry my daughter around. Once she grows out of the kiddie seat, I might get rid of it.

Think about whether you would like to do road or off road and aim for a bike that suits your budget at the lower end of the discipline. This allows for some room to grow as you get fitter. As for frame "sizes", the numbers can be all over the place as different makers measure them differently. To compare apples with apples, check out the geometries of aything you look at and check out the effective top tube measurement (measured horizontally). You should be aiming at something with a 60cm top tube. The rest of the measurements don't really matter as for someone of your size, they aren't critical. You really just need the biggest frame you can get.

As for looking for 2nd hand, good luck. They are few and far between and I'm not sure of the market now, but when I got my roadie 2 years ago I bought 2nd hand, and anything that was big commanded a premium because there were obviously a number of purchasers out there for little stock.

A final note, if you're looking at road bikes, don't worry too much about relaxed geometry vs race geometry. The frames will be different in feel, but being a beginner, you probably won't notice. They usually plug a taller head tube to raise the bars for a more relaxed position. When you're 6'7" this doesn't really happen. An adjustable stem would be a big plus.
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