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run your own race.
Agreed. Don't get "swept up" in the excitement of the crowd at the beginning and run faster than you're capable of sustaining. Start slower than you think you need to.

Your idea on how to handle the race is a good one: Run for 30 seconds then walk for 30 seconds (or a minute, two minutes, whatever works for you). When I first started running, I found this a good way to get more miles out of myself than by just trying to "gut it out" and run until I couldn't run anymore.

I don't know how much riding you do, but I have found that it is quite helpful to those long-distance runs. You may surprise yourself with how much faster you get it done than what you've mentioned in the OP.

As mentioned above, be very careful with wet lines on the road (and wet manhole covers, etc.), and be aware of water-stops... people tend to get tunnel-vision at those and they will run into you or cause you to trip. A tip: Instead of going for the first volunteer/person at the beginning of a water-stop, go for somebody at the very end, it's far less crowded, generally.

Have a good run!
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