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Kids alone at home after school... at what age it's OK?

I was alone at home when I was a 8yo. The bus will dropped me in the front of the house around 2pm and wait for me to get in. After that, I was on my own till like 6pm or 7pm. But times were different back then. My family and all neighbors have been living there for over 30 years, everybody knew everybody. If I got out of the house you bet it wouldn't take 5 minutes for someone to notice and call my mom (I tested).

Some people go by age. Others go by how developed is the kid socially. Others have different opinions for boys than for girls. I would like to hear your opinions and get a feel about what's the popular rule-of-thumb out there.

The older kiddo over here is ten already. I don't feel comfortable with letting him on his own just yet. He's a genius on many things, but social skills are a little bit behind for the age. But I guess the time has to come at some point. Any stories/advice from parents that already went through this phase?
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