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Another thing was later on, I was like 12 I guess, I was allowed to get out and ride bikes for an hour after I got my homework done. I would get home, do my homework and then get out and ride bikes with neighboring kids. The gang, about 30 kids or so, like to ride away from the neighborhood for a few blocks (out of neighboring snitches view) then behave badly (bullying other kids). I didn't like being part of that and I stopped riding with them altogether which made kinda an outcast in my own hood. You know, "you must be with us or against us" kind of thing. There was a bad period when I could not even get out of the house because they would throw rocks at me. And with their parents being good persons and friends with mine, mom and dad thought I was exaggerating the issue. One by one they were shipped out to juvi, died of drug overdoses, gunned down, etc. Before high school was over I was the only one left alive among the free society. By the time I reach college, I was the only one alive, period. It could have easily gone the other way.
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