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Originally Posted by HardyWeinberg View Post
I'm also counting on this year's 10 yr old biking 2 miles to and from middle school next year as an 11 yr old. I expect to be able to ride with him in the mornings but he'd be coming home solo (or with a friend who lives along the route). Then I am hoping he'd be able to ride by his old school to pick up his sister and bring her home and stay in charge until a parent can get there. It's entirely possible when we get closer to next year that it will be apparent that is not feasible.
Make sure little sister understands that big bro is in charge by parental holly mandate. Around here, the little girl tends to be quite bossy and defies/questions brotherly authority unless previously stated by parental decree in family meeting, specifying the start/end times of brother's reign/rule along with a list of how far does the brotherly authority extends and what would be the possible conditions that might allow her for a civil disobedience action or a right out rebellion/mutiny.

Obviously, my girl will be a republican... :\ but that could be discussed in P&R, lol.
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