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Originally Posted by bud16415 View Post
This particular kid suffers from Asperger's Syndrome so I cut him some slack thus the 50 cents in the slats vs. the buck two ninety eight worth I wanted to give him. Most likely a bicycle will be his best mode of transportation throughout his life.
There's no reason to treat Asperger's syndrome as a lifelong disability. Someone with Asperger's will never be NORMAL, but they can be independent, capable, and successful. We can even pass well enough that even coworkers rarely notice we're anything more than a little odd.

*The word filter apparently has an issue with the common term for slowed mental development. I'm sure most of you can figure this out.

For those who don't know, Asperger's is less like being ******** and more like being socially ********. Understanding "normal" people is a serious challenge, understanding cars and traffic laws not so much (now if I could just figure out why "normal people" can't, or won't, drive in a safe and legal manner).

Asperger's is diagnosed by a cluster of conditions, so it can vary enormously, but it's almost all stuff that can be adapted to/overcome. Tinkering is almost universal.
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