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Where to start with restoration? Is it worth it? Pics up

Hi, to save on two threads, i'll whack it all in here...
introduction - I'm laurence, i'm 17, live in Dorset, South of england. Working for apple conservatries and doing work experience at a local motorbike shop.

Question -
I have a Raleigh Richmond, 351 I believe. And after today it's not in the best of condition as I managed to snap the handlebars in half riding gently off a kerb, didn't fall off but could've been messy if I had. In the past I had toyed with the idea of sticking some drop bars on and maybe cleaning it up a bit, but wanted to keep it as original as possible due to sentimental value (It was my grandads.) It had road champion bars on, but they weren't drop bars, they had about an inch/2 inch rise and were pretty good, until they snapped. So, if anyone has any 'road champion' non drop bars they'd be willing to part with, i'm your man to sell them to! If not, where do I start with a bike restoration? It's not in bad condition as such, a fair amount of surface rust, and dulled metal which would polish up nicely, probably in need of a new seat and chainset... whats your opinions? worth a full restoration, sand down, respray, new/rebuilt bearings etc? or just whack a new set of bars on and keep it as is?

If you want pictures to help make up your mind, let me know and i'll put some on tomorrow. (all the lights gone now)

Thanks in advance.


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