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Originally Posted by Velognome View Post
Kinda scary the bars snapped on you! Lots of pictures would sure help. And welcome to the forum!!
I know right! right on the main road as well, lucky there wasn't anything behind me or I'm sure i'd have been in hospital, most cars do about 50mph down there.

Originally Posted by repechage View Post
Yes, some images are needed. This model appears to be an England or Europe model. From google images possibly a decent bike, 531 main tubes, not sure if straight ga. or butted.

Beyond fixing it, what would you do with it if it was restored vs. insure mechanical and structural soundness and keep riding it.

And avoid riding off curbs, the tires are probably not big enough to do that w/o some risk. I've done it on tubulars, but one must pull up on the front end and let the bike float below you, weight off the saddle.
They're butted tubes, it's definately a 531, on closer inspection, turns out there is stickers lableing that! haha. I'd restore it, get it looking nice, then keep riding it, if not restored, i'll ride it anyway. In the future I will try and ride off curbs, i'm used to riding my xc bike though, and you can give that some abuse, riding down curbs was the least of my worries.

Anyway - heres some pictures - I know they're dodgy quality, I blame the light... I'll get some more tomorrow

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