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Originally Posted by randyjawa View Post
Start Here, at a website built just for people new to the interest of restoring old bicycles.
Thanks for the advice, should be some good reading!

Originally Posted by Oldpeddaller View Post
This site will tell you everything you need to know!. Sadly Sheldon is no longer with us but his knowledge lives on. Welcome to C&V Laurence, you r ?your grandad’s bike is a high quality gent’s roadster and as such is quite a rarity in these days of MTB’s (Mountain bikes) and similar. Probably not of great monetary value since many people don’t appreciate the classic styling and practical comfort of these machines. I would do a gentle restoration and not modify the bike at all – but it’s YOUR BIKE so you decide.
Firstly replace the broken handlebar – find a traditional bike shop or look on e-bay, you’ll find an alloy bar of the same style and dimensions and you’d be surprised how cheaply these can sell. Heck even Evans Cycles could supply one but the price might be higher. The rust on the lower headset bearing chrome will polish off with a little ‘Bar keeper’s friend’ – Lakeland sell it if you can’t find it anywhere else. Make a paste by mixing the powder with a little water and apply it. Leave it for a half hour or so then polish off with a cotton cloth and more paste.
Strip, grease and adjust the headset, bottom bracket, hubs and pedal bearings (See Sheldon Brown), lube and adjust the cables, adjust the gears and brakes and thoroughly clean the bike and it’ll ride like new and give you many years more use. Any bad chips or scrapes to the paintwork can be touched in carefully with a small artist’s brush and Humbrol gloss black enamel – buy a small ‘tinlet’ at a model shop for about 1.30.
If you want to jump off kerbs or perform stunts, buy a Mountain Bike – this one’s too good to be treated like that!
Good luck, keep posting pictures of how you get on and ask if you need any information and advice – this really is the most helpful and friendly Forum on the entire internet!

I seem to have been misunderstood... This is not my performing stunts or jumping off kerbs bike, I have a high spec xc bike for that, I was merely moving off the pavement to give a pedestrian the whole pavement, gently dropped down... and snap... "B*****KS". thanks for the advice, sadly the pedal bearings are past repair, so I will need some new ones of them! (many are missing) may just keep an eye out for some similar ones. To be honest, I want to keep it as is, but was interested to see what everyone else thought! Some nice tips in there though, thankyou.

Meant to say, is it likely I'll come by some genuine road champion bars of that style? I only seem to be able to find drop ones...
Originally Posted by Preynmantis View Post

I live by Randyjawa's site. Great place to get addicted... er, hooked.... um... started?
Haha, I know what you mean, the place i'm doing work experience, I spent half a day today mirror polishing a drum brake... does look sweet as now htough.
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