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OT: Teenage son's BMX bikes

Sorry for the long post. Anyone else have a teenage son who likes to trash his nice BMX bike? I don't know if it's just a neighborhood thing, a SoCal thing or if it's something all the kids are doing...but we got my son a nice Haro BMX bike about a year ago. About $350. He took it over to a friends house and spray painted it flat black. The whole thing, including the chain. Looked like garbage, but all the kids painted their bikes.

Then he decides to sell it because his friend is selling his Fit Bike. The Fit Bike is a lot lighter than other bikes and has a tiny front sprocket for some reason. So he sells his Haro for $100 and buys this trashed out Fit Bike (spray painted black and purple) for $100. Even trade, right...except that the Fit Bike doesn't have brakes. The previous owner removed them. The "cool" way to stop is to jam your foot into the rear tire. I tell him we are getting brakes...he *****es, but I say no brakes no bike.

We take the bike in to the store and the kid behind the counter says "Dude, why do want to put your brakes back on?" Stunned, I say "Because dad says so."

Is this the new thing now? Riding expensive trashed out bikes with no brakes...oh, and with the seat slammed all the way down?
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