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Our team is going with Verge for 2012. They're my favorite company; they sell good product but they also get involved. Currently they sponsor the Bethel Spring Series (provide leader's jerseys, and, at a less obvious level, shorts and shoe covers) For a few years the VP and some others showed up at Bethel, worked hard for 3-4-5 hours, then left. Due to their schedule they couldn't race the Bethel Sundays but they could show up Saturdays to help sweep. They didn't ask for anything. For me that's incredible.

We had Hincapie for 2011. It seemed fine, I was good with it, but our designer didn't like the required logo placements (apparently we broke the rules inadvertently but they let it slide). I have 3 shorts, 3 jerseys, skinsuit. Another group (I seemed to end up with a few jerseys from them) uses Hincapie too.

VOMax, after 2 years, my kits are all dead. I think I have 5 shorts, 5 jerseys, a LS jersey. LS jersey is in fine shape, rest of them relegated to base layers or trainer.
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