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Originally Posted by Nam
I was in Shore road, Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, NY about an hour ago and saw a dead cyclist on the road. I wasn't there when it happened but I overheard the eyewitness told the police that he was trying to pass a little kid who was going left and right, he confused and hit the fence that seperate the highway and the Shore road, his head smashed right into the fence, blood was coming out the whole lane.
I can relate happend to this person. I got lucky not too long ago and was in a similar situation this winter while riding without a helmet. A couple of kids where in the street tossing a football when one of them ran into me while trying to catch the bill. I hit the ground hard since it was my first day wearing clips! The pain was incredible but I was lucky there were no parked car next to me or my head would have hit it for sure.

I think what could have saved this rider is a bell. Seriously. On my group ride, the leader is CONSTANTLY ringing that bell to ward off stray riders and warn others that we are coming! It works very well and I keep forgeting to buy one because they look strange but after reading this post, my helmet will forever stay on. I'm buying 3 bells for my bikes after work this evening. I don't care how bad it looks. Calling "On Your Left" often times makes the situation even worse. Please folks. Get the bell.
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