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Originally Posted by mrballistic
perhaps this is the backstory?

otherwise, there were 2 people in nyc that died of bike-related injuries last weekend, which is something that i don't want to think about.
I couldn't see his face because his face was down, but the head and hair style looked pretty similar. Couldn't see his back either since he was wearing a shirt.

I'm not against the idea of "always wearing helmet", but for those who don't know, the lane is dedicated bike lane and seperated from the highway, so even if a car want to kill you, it can't. I'd say this is the most unfortunate death because it's almost impossible to die in such a safe enviroment like that. There were about 30 bikers standing there watching, and I counted about 5 of them having a helmet.

And reading beez's post above, his head was smahing into "large square fence post".
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