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sometimes it is just your time to go.....

Everyman has an appointed time to be born, and appointed time to die. It is sad to see someone die or to hear about it, but it happens daily.

I honestly think and believe that seatbelts, airbags, and helmets hurt more people than they save!!!

the reasons, people lower their guard while feeling safe and then they do stupid things.

How many car accidents could and WOULD be avoided if the driver knew there was a spike in the steering wheel that would pierce their heart if they crashed? How many bike accidents could be avoided if people knew they was going to get decapitated if they crash? Yes, I am aware that some accidents will still happen and can't be avoided, but I am talking about the ones that can.

Anyways my reason for a helmet is I am bald and a road rash scar on my head would look like crap. LOL

The road rash on my shoulder is bad enough!!! and yes even it could have been avoided. I had a bet going to how fast I could ride around the block. I took off and did the state route direction first. I sprinted for a bit and then backed off a bit. Call it bad timing but I had planned to make my first left turn in a very large sweep. But a car had came up behind me, I thought I would be nice and take the yellow line and let the car pass me on the right......... sharper corner!! steeper I laid the bike down, WHAM pedal hits the ground rear tire comes up and Im flat faster than Chit!! hands never had time to let go of bike so they was smashed between handlebars-pavement and my shoulder was the first to hit.

Bets are stupid, racing on the roads that isn't marked for a race is stupid, being nice to a car (ummm nice but wasn't necessary) being distracted because of a car... good BUT I learned my lesson that I am not multi tasked thinker. anyways the accident could have been avoided
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