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Originally Posted by slvoid
"Witnesses say that the cyclist was wearing headphones at the time of the incident. They also say that the impact knocked the man unconscious but he was awake when emergency personnel arrived."

I dunno... unless you're wearing in ear monitors or had the volume up to max, I doubt you can miss the fact that a TRAIN was heading for you. Man, people are just plain stupid sometimes.
A few people in Portland have been hit by our "MAX" trains because they couldn't hear them. Uhh... plus they weren't paying attention. Some have made it and some, infortunately, have not.

I used to take MAX to work daily. It's more of a light rail system. They're really pretty quiet and I can see how if someone's mind was elsewhere that they could fail to hear the train. That doesn't excuse anything, but they are quieter than one might think.
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