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Originally Posted by sprince View Post
Wheel may be a little loose. Tightening just makes it louder though

Should probably just clarify my questions. I have no previous experience with trainers and don't what is typical across different models, although I have used rollers a few times.

Is there a trainer that would allow me to pedal (imperfectly, or not) silently?

Are there trainers that provide a decent amount of resistance (maybe in the range of 300-400 watts)?

Are there any that do both?
I'm not familiar with magnetic trainers. I have a Kurt Kinetic fluid trainer and don't find it too loud (it's not silent though). I usually have music turned up much louder than the trainer.

The resistance increases with speed. The faster you go the more power it takes. 20mph = 262W, 25mph = 439W etc.
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