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It's an inexpensive "RAD" trainer @ $89 set up with a sacrificial hybrid bike. The top gear combo is probably 50/12. At 120rpm that's a ridiculous 40mph at the tire, and I expect the tire/roller contact is responsible for the bulk of the noise. It's not that bad at lower gear combinations and reasonable rpm's, so it really goes back to the lack of resistance. I'd estimate the resistance tops out around 150 watts and the noise at more than 80dB. The tire has only a slight tread pattern on the sides, but maybe it doesn't take much to create a lot of noise. Will try swapping out with an ultra sport or trainer specific tire and adjusting the brakes to provide some extra drag.

Would be nice if manufacturers quantified the noise level. Subjective terms like "quiet" are not much help in comparisons between models. Kinetic does provide resistance figures (although I'm skeptical of the 3000 watts claim), and none seem to provide specs on the noise level.
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