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Originally Posted by etech152 View Post
I did a lot more research tonight and found this item below.... It's ALOT like what I am looking for!! ..... Are there any others out there that I'm not aware of??

Sigma Nitelite For Computer
I have two of them. In some cases they won't fit next to the computer the way you want it. Also if you want to leave it on, the batteries go fast and are expensive. I used to just turn them on when I wanted to see the time or the mileage and shut them off again while riding.
I finally took them off. A small helmet light can use rechargeable batteries, which is much cheaper if you ride a lot, like comuting home in the dark.
The helmet light has many uses all in one small package. Looking to the side to see something, or anything on the bike, even the rear cogs. Also a backup if your main light dies. Also nice if you get a flat in the dark. It makes your more visisble. A light up that high is much easier to see in traffic next to cars, or over a rise or drop in the road.
If you look at a car on a side street to see if they are going to pull out into you, you have flashed a bright light in their direction. Just don't blind anyone, or have a cop
see you aim it at a driver.
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