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Reverse derailleur hanger?

Hello all,

I am using an Nuvinci N360 on my Vaya, and so far so good. To get the adequate chain tension, I'm using a Surly Singleator since the Vaya has vertical dropouts (75*). My problem is that when I remove the rear wheel, the axles length on the Nuvinci is so long it hits the tensioner. The tensioner does not want to move out of the way, and frankly it's annoying as hell to use a 6mm hex key and 18mm cone wrench every time I want to remove my rear wheel, in addition to the wrench to remove the axle nuts.

My solution: reverse derailleur hanger. This would put the hanger threads in front of the axle so when I remove the wheel the arm of the tensioner is not in the way. I thought maybe I could flip the Salsa hanger that came with the bike, but the face does not allow for this. Does anyone know of such a contraption?

Here is a pic of the stock hanger:

Picture of the issue (not my bike, but the same situation I'm in):
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