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Originally Posted by Expatriate
No. They'll simply become ineffective. Braking is the dissipation of energy, which causes the energy to be released as heat. When your rotors are too hot, they will no longer be able to dissipate energy, therefore they won't work very well, or not at all. Worst case, the hydraulic fluid could boil, and plastic parts on the caliper could melt. The boiling isn't an issue with cable operated discs. It's unlikely you can generate that much heat.

In order to do the above you are going to have to really be moving though. I have been running disc brakes for a while and have only had a couple of very minor cases of brake fade. Unless you are riding true downhill courses you should be fine with 6" rotors. I have done some very technical 6 mile xc downhills and never had a problem. These were not true "downhills" though.
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