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Originally Posted by LowCel
In order to do the above you are going to have to really be moving though. I have been running disc brakes for a while and have only had a couple of very minor cases of brake fade. Unless you are riding true downhill courses you should be fine with 6" rotors. I have done some very technical 6 mile xc downhills and never had a problem. These were not true "downhills" though.
I was only answering his question. I think it's unlikely that the average single rider can cook disc brakes to the point they don't work. I'm told by the owner of a tandem recumbent trike that his brakes glowed red hot after slowing from 96km/h. But they still slowed him down. We run 8 inch discs on our tandem, and they're nearly fade-proof. My only concern about swapping to Magura hydraulics is that the rotors are slightly smaller. Even then, they should hold up fine. Anyone that overheats 6 inch discs on a regular basis needs to look at either their style, or the terrain, as it shouldn't ever really be a problem.
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