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Originally Posted by prathmann View Post
Don't think there's all that much weight to be saved compared to lightweight panniers. My panniers weigh only a little over a pound each and I only use one pair, so it's less than 2.5 lbs. Stuff bags and the straps necessary to attach them might save at most a pound but would be considerably less convenient to use.
What panniers do you have? Even the lighter ones on the market today are usually at least 2 pounds each. I think the lightest I have checked were 1.5 pounds. Sea to Summit 20 liter sil-nylon dry sacks weigh 1.7 ounces. So the difference is fairly substantial. That said I would be inclined to go with lighter model panniers rather than sil-nylon dry sacks unless going ultralight with the rest of your gear. At 22 pounds of gear weight I used Nashbar ATB panniers and didn't go to sil-nylon until shooting for 15 pounds of gear weight.

There is the reduced convenience of finding and accessing items in dry bags as compared to panniers, but it is a bit less of a factor when the stuff is pared down to a small number and volume of items.

I figure that when you get to the load shown below the sil-nylon sacks start to make sense, much more than that and I will stick to panniers.
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