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Originally Posted by antokelly View Post
ah i'm convinced about all this, your set up looks good Staehpj1 but it has to be a pain to get to things ,you dont have the convenience of popping open a pannier in jig time to retrieve something in a hurry. but i could be all wrong has been are you totally convinced panniers are a thing of the past for you .
I have little enough gear that I think accessing stuff will be not too big of a hassle with good planning in how the gear is packed. That said I have not yet toured with my latest planned setup, so I may have to come back and say it was a failure. I leave on my next tour February 11th and will report back on how it worked out after my return.

The lightest I have actually gone so far is shown in the picture with the front panniers. Gear weight was at 22 pounds there, not counting water, food, fuel, or a duffel bag that I was supposed to mail home, but never got around to.

I would not say that panniers are definitely a thing of the past for me. I try to never say never, there may be reasons that I decide to tour heavier in the future
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