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George, not sure what kind of front rack you have but if you have a small platform rack with a couple of vertical struts you could use two 13l. Seat to Summit dry bags that have side strap loops on them. Clip the bags together , lay them down the sides of the rack then use some kind of secure webbing strap to secure the bags to the rack sides. You may need to lace twine between the struts so the bags can't press in between and into the wheel.

The big river dry bags are a few oz heavier than the sil-nylons but that might be preferable for strapping things down on the sides of a rack frequently . Also the welded on loop provides an anchor point for the webbing. Two 13l bags should provide all the volume you need for clothes. Who knows you may find that you can carry what you need in those bags with the rest on the rack. Panniers work when you need to carry pannier sized loads, trying to reduce weight by removing a pair of panniers is a lot easier if you're using less than pannier sized loads. Trying to carry pannier sized loads in something other than panniers results in a lot of compromises.
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