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Originally Posted by Hoss Cartright View Post
OK, so after the Sunday Lafayette Indiana 23 mile 42 degree bike ride, I am super hungry and it's almost 5:00 p.m.. Nothing to eat all day except a banana, some goat cheese and a few crackers. - My will power was out of gas. I whip into the Lafayette Square Burger King (First time in about a year I suppose? - I won't do the drive-up, too many errors)
So I order two burgers from the dollar menu. I have water in the car. No french fries! I just get going on Teal Rd. and take one bite.. COLD sandwich! Not warm, COLD! So, big u-turn in the bank entrance and back there I go and the same manager guy who took my money is still at the register.
"May I help you sir?" -
me; "These are cold" -
Manager; "Sorry, let me pop those in the micro for you"
me; "No thank you, I'll just have my money back please" -
So I get my $2.14 and leave with nothing..

In the past two years, I have ventured though those doors about five times due to a momentary lapse of self discipline. Each time it turned-out bad. (Perhaps I am too critical of them nowadays?)
So, now there is this pattern. EVERY TIME I get the urge and wander into a McDonald's or BK, they mess up my order. Not only am I not supposed to be in there anyway, they keep giving me reasons to never go back..

So apparently I have some serious positive Karma working with me to keep me out of the fast food joints.. All I need to do is remember this in the future..

Maybe a tattoo reminder? "Stay out of the Micky D and BK"

I don't even think it's karma. I think it's that our taste buds have changed.

When I first started losing weight, I settled on a "every 10 pounds, treat yourself" reward system. I would go buy something from Arbys or Wendys or whatever, like I used to, as a reward. Eventually I realised that those things just taste like dog food. Over-salted dogfood. It's disgusting. No real flavour at all... I was amazed that I was ever addicted to that crap. I think maybe because it was easy to get. I dunno.

I soon realised that those weren't rewards, so I stopped "rewarding" myself. Was in a hurry today because I overslept, so I get Wendys for lunch (I overslept by a lot, btw). Lo and behold, it tasted like ass. Why did I do that? It always tastes like ass. I dunno. My taste buds have changed. Give me real food.
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