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Just my experience: Bought wife a 49cm Windsor 8 from Bikes Direct just before Christmas to replace her cruiser that was stolen just before we left So. CA. Bike arrived in Christmas rush in very good condition - packed and protected very well for UPS trip from Fla to WA State.

Assembly was not hard, but I have a few tools and above average mechanical aptitude. Pretty easy though.Here in the Portland, OR area, sellers are asking from $150-$175 just for 35 yr old Mixte frames. Complete used Mixtes are for sale for $250-$400. The BD price is definitely very attractive.

Wife happens to also be 5'8", and she has two Bike Fridays that fit her very nicely. I have seat height set at 33 1/2" from pedal to seat (straight up the seat post). Works great and stock seat is same as one of her Fridays, so no problem there. The only downside (in my mind - she hadn't noticed) was the handle bar height/position. I spent $15 on a new Kalloy Quill Stem that is angled up, vs. the stock one that is angled down a bit. The bike looks better, and she is more comfortable.

Only other adjustments were to loosen chain that was tighter than a drum, and a bit of truing and bearing adjustment on the front wheel. Agree, these things might be a bit out of many folks comfort zones.

Bike shifts beautifully, I can't even hear it when riding along side her. Also, this bike (in the 'Ocean' color) is a guy magnet. Our first ride to the store netted two "nice bike" comments from strangers (men strangers).

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