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Utility Bike business'

I am sure there are a few of you out there who make money with your cargo bikes/trailers and was just seeking a little input from those who have been where I am.

I like most people keep looking for ways to earn a living doing something I enjoy. I also am "training" for some ultra mountain bike races so saddle time is always a good thing. I just came back from a small trip to Boulder yesterday and was blown away with how accepting the city is of bicycles, there is even a real estate company called "Pedal to Properties". I have scoured the interwebz and have now found a delivery service that uses bicycles as its only means, not really looking for bike messenger type deliver, more so hauling bulkier items for local companies and people with something like a Surly Bill trailer.

I have read the bikes at work articles and they are helpful although dated, but the optimist inside makes me think them being dated is an advantage because of rising fuel costs. Looking at some big box stores delivery charges they are charging around $70 for some simpler deliveries for things like TV's and ovens, loads that although heavy would be doable by bike, I saw where bikes at work even hauled a refrigerator and said it wasn't so bad. I am comfortable with heavy loads and trailers, actually, I really enjoy pulling them so that makes this even more tempting.

My question, is it actually possible to pay your bills with something like this? How much do you normally charge for deliveries (I am thinking $10ish for simple deliveries?) I am sure the city would be receptive of such a business once I make myself known considering how many people use bikes to commute and how focused on being "green" that they are. I read where a city planners said his hopes for the town 20-30 years down the road would be only pedestrians and bicycles and maybe the occasional electric car, so the city is proud of this for sure.

My wife is also an artist who does henna and makes jewelry and where there are college kids there are people who love henna, she has made around $150 after tip at some henna gigs in Denver and it seems there would be more people in Boulder interested in henna as well.

Thanks if you made it this far. Let me know if I am crazy to think of trying this, I will not take offense if you think so. I am pretty comfortable with gear selection btw, more so curious about the logistic side of the business and how long it has taken most people to start making any money off it. I live a very modest life style and love that so I am not hoping to get rich, just get by with maybe a little extra.
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