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Hooperja, some good thoughts, many of which I had been thinking along similar lines. If I went through with it I did plan to use rubbermaid bins but never thought of charging per bin, that would simplify things greatly.

I also thought about scrapping of appliances and the ones that are actually worth some money like a washer/dryer I would offer free pick up and just use the money from the scrap as my profits, but charge for things that actually cost to get rid of like you pointed out.

Insurance was another thing I was going to have to look into if I was going to try and undercut the delivery services offered by electronics stores. Not sure if it would end up being cheaper or more costly than using a truck to deliver but I will just have to make some calls and find out.

One advantage to Boulder is that the city itself is really not that big and fairly flat but dense so I doubt trips would ever get to be much more than 5 miles. I think the hardest thing would be to come up with pricing on different services, I have a tendency to under charge because I like to help people out. My wife is the same way with her henna but has had many 100% tips so I do think it can balance out.

Thanks for your thoughts
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