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Take a look at some of the qmsdc15 (now banned) posts in what utility rides thread (in the stickies) He used a trailer and hauled a lot of volume items. I think techicall he workd for a messenger service but it seems that messenger busines is not all documents in the messenger bag.

My guess is to make a go of it you will need a certain about of population density in order to have enough business and for it to be practical to deliver. 50 mile round trip deliveries would not be practical.

My first business at 14 was a bike delivery business. I took a loan out ($125) to buy a Schwinn 3 wheeler. My target market was LOL (Little Old Ladies in pre texting speak), picking up groceries, drugstore runs etc. it was in a small town in Montana where people would call a store and say Jim is going to pick up. I charged $.50 a delivery. Broke even....paid off the bike, but was not a huge money maker.
Looking for Team Miyata F&F 58cm

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