Thread: Dawg or coiler?
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If you were so hot to upgrade, you should have gotten the dee-lux. It has better brakes, fork, shock, etc. already on it. you will end up spending more money getting equivalent parts as the dee-lux if you purchase the parts separately for the coiler. however, nothing on that bike is bad and needs upgrading. Ride it for a few months before swapping out any parts (if you must upgrade) and swap out the ones you donít love (i.e. not enough stopping power, get new brakes. too much/not enough travel on fork, get new fork)

If it was me, the only things I would change would be the fork, maybe to a dual crown like a boxxer and the brakes to something like juicy sevens (the best brakes iíve owned and ridden).

The only thing you may need right off the bat would be a heavier strength rear spring (you are a pretty big guy).
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