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Originally Posted by AzTallRider View Post
According to the physiologist working with our team, because anaerobic effort doesn't require O2, anaerobic workouts over an extended period of time can reduce your capacity to burn O2. You want all the mitochondria, red blood cells and capillaries you can make. And, since anaerobic capacity can be built quickly, he considers it far better to do the anaerobic workouts in the 11 days before a race, thereby minimizing any negative adaptation (reduction in your ability to burn O2). The more O2 you transport to your muscles, the more fat and glucose you can burn. The best way to build VO2MAX is working in the ~.85 RER range, not at VO2MAX, which he says teaches your body that it doesn't need O2.

The guy lives and breathes this stuff, as well as nutrition, and I hope I presented his concepts correctly.
My understanding of how things work is similar to this. I don't limit anaerobic work to 11 days prior to the big race, but I do limit the really ugly stuff to the last 3 week Build phase. There's just so much you can get out of a strong aerobic system that I think the time spent there always pays dividends. Even when I'm in my Build 2 phase, I also throw in longer rides at an endurance pace just so my body doesn't completely shut down the fat burning end of things. In short races, though, the ability to have a strong anaerobic capacity can be a life saver. Having said that, a strong aerobic system means you'll use the anaerobic less. It's kind of the offense/defense argument.

If you have the time an patience, I think you can probably get 90-95% of your potential fitness maximum with nothing more intense than SST work. Keep in mind, we're talking about a hell of a lot of riding, but I think it's probably there.
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